Spending with a Focus on the Impact of Every Dollar

I am gravely concerned about Delaware County’s financial position for the immediate future due to expected loss of tax revenues due to COVID-19.  We can assume that some residents will be unable to pay their property taxes thereby affecting the General Fund balance.  We can also assume that our EDIT/LOIT fund and revenues will be less than expected because of high unemployment.  In addition, the County is facing loss of revenue due to the EMS separation along with nearly $3 million in EDIT funds per year tied up in the new jail plan for the next generation.  In addition, how will downtown Muncie businesses be affected by moving the Justice Center out of the area?  This, combined with COVID-19 financial difficulties could be disastrous for our downtown businesses and growth and, subsequently, the county tax base.

This will mean less money for services, less money for development, less money for struggling small businesses, and less money available to combat one of the most grave issues we are facing: one of the highest rates of child poverty in the state.  We must re-prioritize our spending and put together a thorough plan to assure our residents that they will continue to receive robust services even in these difficult times.  We will need creativity, research, energy, resourcefulness, and a focus on the impact of every dollar for all sectors of our community.  I will work tirelessly with my colleagues and engage all community partners to get this done for our residents.


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